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Comments/Suggestions: 3/9/10
I absolutely love your products. I am using the Silver Hydrosol and the Zeolite Plus and the results have already been amazing. I'm so grateful to Kevin Trudeau for introducing me to you and your products. You are doing incredible things for people and one of my acts of kindness is to let all of my friends know about your products. Thank you so much! Diane   Houston, TX


We love your Silver Hydrosol! It cures everything. Heather L - Portland, OR


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There is virtually no limit to what you can achieve here at Helping America.
The tools, The education, The products, The experience...

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*Helping America is Actively Endorsed by...Dr. Coldwell, Dr. Hohn,
Dr. Crone, and others.


Comments/Suggestions: Hi Kevin, I hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks to your great products I'm doing very well. Have a great holiday season and thanks again for everything. Diane B - TX

Comments/Suggestions: I am a long time customer and have never been disappointed in your products or services. The Zeolite is a wonderful detox product and the combination with the Silver Hydrosol we have found will "knock out" the typical colds, flu, etc..that most people suffer from this time of year! Patricia T - WY



Who Really Is Helping America & How Can They Help Me?


 Highly and actively endorsed by the phenomenal Dr. Leonard Coldwell
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Helping America since 1999. Helping people to lead healthier lives safely and naturally by way
of information and quality - life changing and enhancing products and illness conquering solutions.


*The Prestigious Grand Prized Silver Hydrosol & Zeolite Plus

This is the first year that a business has qualified as a Five-Time Award Winner. I'm sure that your selection as a 2012 Award Winner is a reflection of the hard work of not only yourself, but of many people that have supported your business and contributed to the subsequent success of your organization. Congratulations on your selection to such an elite group of small businesses.

The USCA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

*Your vehicle for creating ultimate health!

Products to bless our bodies, and anointed words to heal our souls. Awesome!
I love your ministry and your heart for others. Favor and blessings in great abundance. Dan  CA




Heavy Metal Tests - Detox Products

Advanced, Superior Colloidal Silver called Ionic Silver Hydrosol is changing lives, along with many of our other products and services. I'm a guy who's living what I'm selling. We don't just sell it We live it.

By personally using this advanced Colloidal Silver, along with our other products, on a daily basis we gain knowledge and experience about each and every one of them and then pass this on to you. We only sell products that we would feel comfortable giving to our family, friends and neighbors. Only after we do our research and personal testing, do they get put on this website. I like products that provide quick results you can see and feel. Also, ones that provide a wide array of positive benefits—noticeable benefits.

For those of you who own stores and would like information on carrying our products or those of you who may be interested in becoming an affiliate and marketing our products for a commission please call us at 877-743-5746 or email us here.


Hello, I'm Kevin and it is my hope that you will enjoy these products and share them with friends and family who are not only interested in achieving a much greater level of health naturally— the way we feel it was intended, but also for those who are looking to eliminate a great deal of pain, suffering and illnesses... while, as a result, save a great deal of time and money. Maintaining a strong vital immune system is key.

I personally use all of our products on a regular basis. I have used our advanced Colloidal Silver called Ionic Silver Hydrosol for the past 9 years. I can answer your questions.

I wish you and your family ultimate health, peace, joy and happiness.
I'm a Defender of Wildlife - Are You? -


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and Heavy Metal Test Kits!
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Why Liquid Zeolite Plus & Heavy Metal Test Kits? Please Play Audio
We take the Zeolite and Silver Hydrosol everyday! It is amazing how 
many other people around us are sick while we remain well! I have told 
so many of our friends and relatives about these products and many 
have begun using them. Thank you for such wonderful products and service. 
Angelique NH  1/11/09
Liquid Zeolite For Radiation Concerns

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Helping America & Liquid Zeolite Headquarters

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9am - 4pm Central Standard Time

We are very pleased with your product (Silver Hydrosol)!!!  Bill, Arizona

I have ordered from you before and not only think your products are GREAT, but also appreciate the excellent customer service. Thanks again, Cynthia, CA


Thanks, Kevin, for your follow up email. I must say I'm impressed with your
follow through on communicating what's going on. I own a business and take
great pride in what I do, and dealing with someone like you who is like-minded
is great. It's a pleasure doing business with you. I just placed my order,
and I should be good to go for the short term. Thanks again, I'm really
impressed. You are the real deal!!!

Jeff MD


     Our products help to enable your body to heal itself and as a result...
relieve a great deal of pain and suffering,
conquer and prevent many illnesses very rapidly.
Advanced colloidal silver - Guaranteed instant results... easy!

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Immune system support & illness conquering solutions.


One can not maintain a healthy state or experience true happiness until one becomes empowered by taking full responsibility for ones own health, self development and destiny. Kevin


Many of the world's healthiest people didn't begin experiencing ultimate health until after they began using various natural plants and medicines for immune support and detoxification, exercise, meditation and stress reduction techniques. Colloidal Silver was the first choice of medicine prior to the synthetic prescription drug movement and for good reason. Colloidal Silver is touted to have saved more lives than any other natural substance. Colloidal Silver was pushed out of mainstream use by the powerful pharmaceutical companies. Although it's interesting to note many doctors still put silver nitrate into the eyes of newborns to prevent any sexually transmitted diseases and infections via the birth canal. Colloidal Silver is a much more advanced and safer form of silver than silver nitrate and our Ionic Silver Hydrosol is a superior form of Colloidal Silver.

For those people who are interested in a natural approach to health care, there are supplements now available which are providing some very serious health boosting benefits. Colloidal Silver products are making a huge come back. Why? Simply because they work and always have. People are going back to their roots, back to nature where the answers have always been. Mother Nature can not be out done. The silver found in our Earth has phenomenal healing and protection properties.

Now, advanced forms of Colloidal Silver, like Ionic Silver Hydrosol are safer and hundreds of times more effective. A very pure, clean product is now produced with just a very small amount of silver ions suspended in ultra pure water (this is all that is needed - renders a very powerful solution) which is safer than the water you are drinking!

Finally -- if you're serious about moving to the next level -- here's YOUR chance to experience the same powerful healing results that the world's healthiest people are witness to. Naturally and safely boost your immune system into high gear... starting NOW...
Your immune system is the key to vibrant health!

And please note:  When you realize and witness the Power & Healing Capabilities of Pure Premium Ionic Silver Hydrosol an advanced, superior form of colloidal silver and Zeolite Plus you will be awe struck, surprised and amazed as I and our clients have been and even continue to be.

*Thank you for your life saving products! Blessings, Gayle Denver, CO


I wish I would have discovered (or that my parents would have treated me with) Colloidal Silver long ago when I was a child... I could've saved myself from a lot of pain, suffering, scarring and sickness! I guess I'm at the point in my life now where I put a very high value on my health because I want to enjoy the last half of my life to the max, and the only way to do that is to remain extremely healthy. What a great feeling! Kevin

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Kevin was surprised when this lady started talking about Helping America's Silver Hydrosol
at the Energy Healing Conference he was teaching and then pulled a bottle out of her purse!


The link to get your Free Advisory Guide is just below.


Jan 19th 2008

Thank you for caring about your customers and trusting us. I love using silver & some of your other products. Thanks for being a blessing to the planet.

Gayle, Denver


How did you hear about us? Regular Client!
Date: Mon Feb 25  2008 Comments/Suggestions:
Love all the products I have tried...but the silver is fantastic...we use it for everything!! Angelique, NH


How did you hear about us?: Been buying from you for the past 1 1/2
Date: Sat Jan 26 2008

This product is amazing, my family took a long time to believe me.

Now, when they feel sick they ask for silver right away. They go for nothing else. We hardly go to the doctor because silver is the answer in our house. I tell everybody I know - some don't believe me, others at least listen.  
Theresa B., NY


Date: Fri Feb 15, 2008  7:04:09 AM US/Central        To: "'It's Kevin from Helping America'"
Subject: RE: Only A Short Time Left To Use Your Gift Card!

Settle down Kevin I have been using your product for 3 plus years & I swear by it. I have been giving it to my 4 year old for the last 18 months with great results. He goes to pre school (germ factory) is healthy all the time.
Marc, OH


Comments: Hi Kevin,

I just received my order and can't wait to start taking the zeolite and colostrum as well as the silver.  My question is, does the zeolite destroy parasites?   Also can you put the colostrum in hot tea or substitute coffee?  My elderly mother has dentures and wouldn't take to well to the powder sticking to her palate. (Didn't realize this until after I received the product) If need be I will order the capsules for her. Thanks  Liz, CA


 Date 01/04/08 Hey Kevin,

First, Happy New Year!  I pray the business continues to prosper (how can it not when it is such an awesome product?). Cyndee, AZ


Thank you.  You didn't need to do that, it's much appreciated.  Have a lovely weekend.  Briana, MN


Feb 4th 2008
Subject: Feed back: On Silver Hydrosol - Comments:

Positive results from a COPD , O2 dependent who contracted Lyme disease.  Regular dosage 1 tsp twice daily and nasal spray have allowed me comfort I haven't enjoyed for some time. Jeanette, MA


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for asking about the blue man episode....please do send me your response just to make sure I was correct with my own thoughts that it was first of all not made properly. I will be ordering again soon. Jo Ann, IL


Thanks for your quick response to my e-mail Kevin. 
This company is awesome and so is the Silver Hydrosol.  Cyndee - Mesa, Az.

Oct.27th 2006 Again-you are awesome. I feel like I've been a customer for years! If all you ever carry is Ionic Silver Hydrosol  I'll still be a customer for life.
The personal responses from Kevin feels like I'd been friends for years.
Keep up the good work Kevin. Always follow your dreams! You never know where they will take you.  Cyndee AZ


Hi, Kevin.
I really love your products, just placed an order a day or two ago, and just received it today.  Wow, you're speedy!!!  (Thanks!)
 By the way, thanks so much for your waaaaaay-more-than-generous offer to replace the whole gallon.  You have earned my undying respect and gratitude just for offering!
 All the best, Laurie  NC


Thanks Kevin...the silver has been absolutely a great addition to our diet...the fungus has no chance with your silver hydrosol and I
mean that...

Nothing has really touched it like this...
aspergillus versicolor and
the other molds we lived with are tenacious, but no match for this...good riddance has been my mantra!
So I thank God for this opportunity...this path we have traveled as it has opened us up to some of the greatest people and greatest natural healings imaginable...I never doubted that we would find our just took a little
longer than I expected!
Take care Kevin and I look forward to buying
your products for life...

Jeff - Wisconsin


I am really liking your silver. My bug bites are almost gone and I love spraying my face with it. Thank you for being at Elaine's. My best, Fern  Ia


Aug 23, 2006 Subject: Re: Your Order (Silver Hydrosol)
Thanks Kevin.
I really appreciate your great personal service!
Your friend, Sheila  Novato, CA


I was wondering what your prices are for the bigger jugs of colloidal silver. Your website only tells of the 32 ounce size. I already have the Bodyguard set and would like something to refill the bottles. We are a family of six, so the bottle is going faster than what I thought. I got my first bottles of colloidal silver from my chiropractor in IA. He is 70 miles from me and I only see him once a month. I do not want to run out of the silver in between visits.
Amy  - Odebolt, IA


I’ve sold Helping America’s Colloidal Silver in my store for approximately six months. My customers are using it for a variety of health issues: acne, sinus problems, insect bites, pink eye, burns, cuts and many others, with wonderful results. Kevin has even visited with my customers in their homes. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and personable. I would recommend Helping America’s Colloidal Silver to anyone looking for a safe and natural way to improve their health. Annie - Spencer, IA 

In just a moment, I will show you how to quickly, easily and inexpensively jumpstart your immune system to start generating mind-blowing new levels of health...

...just as I have for vast numbers of other people, year after year after year.  And I will do this for you... matter what kind of results you've been getting (or not getting) up to now...

  You really can change your entire life. Starting today.

I guarantee you better over all health... less sickness, pain and suffering and more time and money saved with a product so safe and simple to use that we give it to children! My goal is to save as many people as possible from unnecessary pain, suffering and illnesses. Simply to provide information and products to help people lead healthier lives safely and naturally...       and I put this 365 Day Signed Guarantee In Writing as you will see further down on this page.

It gets even better... I've developed and put together a very unique health kit called the BodyGuard Kit that is only available here at Helping America. We have so many wonderful testimonials from our customers... many of which have been presented to you right here on this page... and as if that isn't enough we also make available an independent lab test for you to view proving that what I'm telling you is true...

"Listen"... Not only is our Colloidal Silver/Ionic Silver Hydrosol highly effective but it also outperformed 5 top leading brands hands down, 2 of which are large major brands you've probably heard of which can be found in almost all health & nutrition stores as well as some hospitals... and you won't have to pay anywhere near what those company's are charging! The link to view this is a little further down on this page.

Apr 24, 2006  Subject: Re: Silver Hydrosol
Kevin...thank you so much for responding to me so quickly...I have been using the silver hydrosol for about 3 months now and I love it!  I can't get over how great it is....My son is a plumber and his hands really get raw from all the chemicals he uses .... he has found it to really relieve the pain and help his hands to heal....he also used it for poison ivy and that too worked great.
I also have diverticulitus that the doctors wanted to do emergency surgery...but I stalled them off and used the silver instead and I haven't had an attack in 3 months....thanks for sharing a wonderful product.... Linda - Washingtonville, NY
Update: Oct. 18th 2006 Of course you can use my testimonial....and I still have not had a diverticulitus attack!  
Update: Aug 25th 2007 I just returned from picking up my dogs at the kennel after being gone for a week and both dogs had a very bad case of Kennel Cough. I put about 1/4 cup of Hydrosol in with their drinking water and after just 2 days no more Kennel Cough!  I can't believe how many uses there is for this wonderful product!  Thanks, Linda

You Can Safely & Easily Treat Many Of
Today's Injuries And Illnesses Very Effectively While Avoiding A Great Deal Of Unnecessary Suffering!

  Ionic Silver Hydrosol...

   Conquers the toughest of infections (So I  have peace of mind, especially when it comes to my children)

   Yet safe enough for me to put in my babies eyes (Safety is a big thing for me-not having to worry is great)

   Allows for accelerated wound healing & repair, drastically reducing scarring (No nasty scars to hide)

   Rapidly lessons or stops pain from burns, cuts, wounds, bites etc. (Allowing me to focus on other things)

   Strengthens & boosts the immune system (So I don't have to succumb to every bug that comes along)

   Abolishes a huge variety of nasty micro-organisms (Effective wide spectrum antimicrobial.... comforting)

   Kills a great deal of virus's, bacteria, molds and yeasts (Rapidly freeing you of many debilitating illnesses)

Helping America specializes in natural immune system support and illness conquering solutions which carries with them a wide array of capabilities and protection factors when it comes to improving, strengthening and protecting ones health.

   View Immune Support Silver Here      Zeolite Colostrum & More Info


Your not gonna believe our crazy out of this world guarantee either. I challenge you to find anyone offering this type of a rock solid, risk free "guaranteed health improvement" or your money back... PERIOD guarantee! More on this guarantee further down. 

You are in charge of your life... right? Why not take charge of your own health? No one knows your body better than you do. Ionic Silver Hydrosol can help put you back in the drivers seat and allow you some peace of mind knowing that you have such a powerful healing tool that possesses such amazing capabilities that will allow you to easily treat many of today's illnesses and injuries rapidly and successfully.

400 Degree Burn - No Pain !!
Hi, I just wanted to tell you how great colloidal silver is.  I burned my arm from a 400 degree straightening iron. I immediately sprayed on the silver and the burn pain went away immediately. I kept on spraying the silver about every 2 hrs. never again did I have any pain and the burn mark went away within  10 days.  I also take 1 teaspoon daily as a preventative. Thanks so much for this website and learning about the wonderful products you sell....Thanks, Phyllis - Levittown, NY Nov. 9th 2006

I want the best anti-aging and immune system support products available - I want your best price - I want them guaranteed - I want them shipped ASAP and I want access to any and all free stuff.

Just what exactly is Ionic Silver Hydrosol (ISH) you may ask - I'm sure you've probably heard a great deal about Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver is very similar and Ionic Silver Hydrosol has all of the capabilities and power of Colloidal Silver plus much, much more and here is where it differs...

(1) (ISH) has virtually an unlimited shelf life, meaning long term storage (for example - emergency preparedness) will not harm or weaken the potency or effectiveness. This means you could put a bottle of (ISH) into an emergency medical kit and 5 years later when you go to grab it you can be confident that the ISH will still perform its magic!
(Although it is our hope that not only do you store some for emergencies but also use it on a daily basis and experience all of the wonderful results right away)

(2) And get this - you can even boil it or freeze it - And guess what? Yes, it's still just as potent as the day you bought it! Tastes like pure water... with a very slight tang.

(3) The secret... positively charged silver ions suspended in the ultra pure water of Helping America's (ISH) are smaller than a human cell and therefore can be made available to the cells (systemic and highly bio-available) then any excess (do to the small size... 1-100 nm "nanometers") is easily passed out of the system by the bodies normal elimination processes. The small silver ions will not accumulate or build up within the body. Our small red blood cells are 0.00076 mm (millimeter) in size.

1 meter = 100 cm = 1,000 mm = 1,000,000 µm = 1,000,000,000 nm

(4) Well just what is the potential of these small silver ions and how powerful are they? Why don't you take a look at this laboratory test which was performed by an independent lab clearly showing the killing power. (ISH)  easily killed the sometimes deadly to humans - wild type Staphylococcus aureus "staph bacteria," and not only that but it also outperformed 5 other top brands that you've probably heard of!!    View Lab Test Here

Are 'Superbug' deaths surpassing AIDS?

More than 90,000 Americans come down with potentially deadly infections every year from a drug-resistant staph “superbug,” the government reported recently in its first "overall estimate of invasive illnesses" caused by the staphylococcus bacteria.

Deaths linked to these infections may be exceeding those caused by AIDS, said one public health expert commenting on the new study. AIDS killed an estimated 17,011 Americans in 2005.

Oct. 2007 - An alarming 21 schools shut down after teen dies from a resistant form of Staph known as MRSA. Staph infections have spread throughout schools nationwide according to health officials.

  • 70 to 90 percent of the population carries this type of bacteria in their nostrils or on their skin at some time in their lives... could prove deadly to a person with a weakened immune system. This can be spread by skin to skin contact or via shared equipment like sports gear, wrestling mats, etc.
  • Staphylococcus bacteria (Staph) are one of the most common causes of skin infection in the United States and are a common cause of pneumonia, surgical wound infections, and bloodstream infections.

Our most powerful antibiotics are becoming and have been for quite some time impotent against infectious superbugs.

Modern antibiotics only kill some bacteria and fungi- not viruses, such as flu and common cold viruses. Most illness causing bacteria are or have developed resistance or immunity to antibiotics through normal evolutionary processes.

Hospitals and now even schools have become affected by the staphylococcus and streptococcus that are flourishing in those environments. 


I want the best anti-aging and immune system support products available - I want your best price - I want them guaranteed - I want them shipped ASAP and I want access to any and all free stuff.



Staph Infection? MRSA? Disappears

I had a terrible infection on my legs that was a result of a biopsy I had done. The infection would spread and grow in severity as time went on. It was very painful and oozed a green mucous substance. My sister is a nurse and we tried all types of conventional medicines with no results. The infection was not able to be diagnosed, but I believe that it was a staph infection, quite possibly MRSA. I was having a hard time even trying to sleep and at that point was looking for any kind of an alternative that may help. I was scared, with limited resources and feared the worst.

That is when I came across Helping America's product (Silver Hydrosol) and decided to give it a try. After spraying it on the infected area several times daily and taking it internally according to directions, the infection began to disappear quite rapidly! These were very large open oozing sores that quickly began scabbing and healing over with new skin! Approximately 2 weeks later there was barely a visible sign of the infection left. I have a tattoo in this area that was all disfigured and parts of it not visible, which is now looking as it did the day I had it applied!

This all happened in 2003 and now as of November 2005 there has been no reoccurrence, scars or signs that the infection was ever there. I strongly felt that I must tell my story in the hopes that I can help other people in this situation. I am now currently preparing to go in for hip replacement surgery and am stocking up on Silver Hydrosol to prevent any possible infection. I strongly encourage everyone reading this that has or may develop an infection like this to have this product on hand. It is cheap insurance and can alleviate much unneeded suffering safely and quickly. Much thanks to Kevin, they are sincere in their efforts to help people.

Unfortunately, these pictures were taken after it had already started to heal. It started to heal so quickly that I thought I'd better not wait any longer to get pictures, but it was much worse and spreading everywhere.

Almost like magic it quickly disappeared.
Sandra - Marathon, IA

My friend Debbie saw it at its worst and here is what she had to say about it...

This area you see on Sandra's leg was as big as my hand and opened up well into the meat of the leg where I seen like clumps of stuff with green gunk running out of it. Sandra's sister is a nurse and all she could do was put bandages on it. The thick green slimy stuff was just running out of the meat. This was the nastiest, grossest thing that I've seen and I've worked in child daycare for 17 years. She went to doctors and specialists and they gave her pills and salves and nothing touched it, in fact it grew bigger, eating more and more of her flesh. She told me she had no where else to turn and that's when she heard about the Silver Hydrosol that I was using and asked if I thought it would help. I said yes, I think it will help and told her where she could get some but she wanted it immediately so I let her use some of mine and told her to call Kevin right away. I now can see no visible signs on my friend's leg or arm that it was even there. Deb, IA

All that and still safe enough for babies eyes!
Prior to the advent of pharmaceuticals (drugs) a great deal of physicians put drops of a silver solution into newborn babies eyes to prevent infections. Many physicians still practice this.
My family and I would like to have this powerful protection available at all times and would like you to send us your best, highest quality pure premium ionic silver hydrosol today!

Save a great deal of time and money... while "you" easily treat a majority of your children's and family's illnesses, accidents and health issues leaving you with a warm feeling resulting from being able to take away a child's pain.. A friend or family members... I assure you this is a great feeling to have as I feel this way each and every time I send a package out, knowing that this will help to eliminate a great deal of someone's suffering plus so much more. There is nothing I would love more than to send you yours now, simply go here to view our special discounted product packages put together just for you.


Call for your own, free personal consultation!

Helping America & Liquid Zeolite Headquarters

Toll Free 877-743-5746

Open M-F
9am - 4pm Central Standard Time

What's more - Ionic Silver Hydrosol may also eliminate a great deal of your current and future pain & suffering, which as a result would then strengthen and empower you... taking your health to a whole new level.

Not only that, as a result - enjoy less sick or down time, less pain, less inflammation, less doctor visits, less scaring from cuts, burns, surgeries, greater and stronger immune system function and greater control over ones health in general,  

"One more thing - it's important"... greater protection & resistance against illness and infection causing virus and bacteria, fungus's molds and yeasts. 

Dr. Thomas Hohn, MD - "natural health expert"
is associated with Kevin Trudeau, you may have heard of him or even receive his members only natural health newsletter. Kevin refers a great deal of people to Dr. Hohn through his books as a source of reliable, trustworthy health information. Dr. Hohn is very selective of what products he endorses. They must pass his stringent laboratory testing and  he then also personally uses these products prior to recommending them to his patients and newsletter members. Here is what he said about our Ionic Silver Hydrosol which is a superior form of Colloidal Silver...

"Your requests prompted my research team to search for a safe and trustworthy colloidal silver product, and finally one year later, we found what we think is the
best-of-the best, Helping America's - Ionic Silver Hydrosol," Dr.
Thomas Hohn MD, Director of Natural Health Research, Germany.

June 3 2008 Hi Kevin, Thanks for sharing Bill's story. It is so invigorating to hear of folks beating life threatening health situations through Silver Hydrosol use and your other products. I have finally got my husband reaching for the Silver Hydrosol. My mother lives with me and she is a diabetic, she is always getting boo-boo's and picking at them. The Silver Hydrosol works great getting them to heal quickly. I have heard that diabetics have a tough time healing. I watched my mom suffer in Florida at a wound center where the doctor kept scraping an open wound of hers with a scalpel.

I am so happy I got her out of Florida and into my house. I healed a 3 year boo-boo with Silver Hydrosol behind her ear. She kept picking at it, and opening it up. It has finally mended. I keep a bottle in all my bags, forget American Express, I don't leave the house without my Silver Hydrosol. Andrea- Maine


"We have provided Helping America's silver hydrosol in our office for more than a year and a half. We have many repeat customers that are very satisfied with the results of using this product. There have been a number of testimonials from our patients ranging from earaches, infections, cuts to rashes and a number of other uses with awesome results."  Dr. M Miller, D.C. - Iowa

Ionic Silver Hydrosol can be used on anything... anytime... from head-to- toe... occasionally or every day forever... by
adults, children and babies... human or animals safely with no concerns!




Now if you purchase this... Proven Premium Ionic Silver Hydrosol today we are going to also give you the following special reports for Free.

  • The secret hidden power of silver.... and what they don't want you to know about.

  • Ensure wellness with Zeolite? Our bodies are all congested with heavy metals, toxins and poisons which lead to premature aging - free radicals and illness. Wouldn't it make sense to remove them? Zeolite is saving us!

  • Restore your body with "6 hour miracle" Organic Colostrum and all of its vital nutrients & anti-aging properties. Feel young and vibrant again.

  • Dosage/Usage guide for humans and animals. I just can't seem to shake it...Do you have an illness or constant re-occurring health problem? Have you tried other  silver solutions and products unsuccessfully??? If you're not following these little known dosage guidelines...Good Luck!

    All Free with purchase

All of our bottles are Factory Sealed, have UPC Bar Coding, Lot Numbers and Expiration Dating. Our "Ionic Silver Hydrosol" is manufactured in an FDA inspected, EPA and ATF registered modern facility.

We guarantee you will receive at least some of the above benefits or I'll immediately refund your money... And get this - you have a full year before you have to decide whether or not your going to send it back for a refund! Yes, that's a 365 day guarantee... made and enforced by Helping America Inc.

Are you understanding me here? Do you realize what I've just guaranteed here? You or whoever - humans or animals, adults or babies while using this product on a consistent daily basis according to directions WILL experience a far greater level of health.

And that means increased protection and prevention from many illness causing pathogens. You will experience less pain and much faster healing from injuries, burns of any kind (mild or severe), cuts (superficial or serious deep gashes), surgeries of any kind-any where, bites, infections-rashes-allergic reactions like that of poison ivy.

Have you ever heard of such a guarantee? Plus… I’m going to GUARANTEE your happiness, so you don’t risk a penny. Am I absolutely nuts to offer such a powerful guarantee of satisfaction? Does Ionic Silver Hydrosol really possess these powerful capabilities? I and many of my clients have witnessed this power over and over and I find that it still amazes me even after 7 years of continual use. You will literally find hundreds of uses. Comprised of pure natural ingredients from our earth with no synthetics, no impurities, no additives, no preservatives and is safe for anyone and everyone from head-to-toe... period. 


We make trying our product Totally Risk Free. So, if Ionic Silver Hydrosol isn't living up to your expectations, send it back for a complete No-Questions-Asked Refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling). If you are not totally satisfied and you have not experienced any one of the wide array of benefits - simply return the product and you will be issued a courteous refund...If you ordered more than one bottle, just be sure the others aren’t opened and still sealed when you return them along with the 1 empty bottle... (I’m not going to put up with anyone emptying out all their bottles and then asking for a refund). There are no strings attached to this guarantee! 100% BETTER-THAN-RISK-FREE GUARANTEE! If you aren't 100% satisfied, let us know and Helping America will issue you an immediate, no hassle refund right on the spot. You have a full 365 days to try our Ionic Silver Hydrosol and if, within this 1 years time for some reason you return the product, your refund will be issued on the spot - no questions asked. Under no circumstances will we refund shipping and handling either direction - to you or from you and shipping and handling will be deducted from the refund due you even if it says free shipping - obviously we had to pay it !  No other products are covered under this policy!
    Helping America, Inc.

Here's What To Do Now...
Simply go here now and check out the different sizes and package deals we've put together for you and decide on which ones you would like. Once your order is processed you will immediately be able to access all 4 Free reports...

  • The secret hidden power of silver.... and what they don't want you to know about.

  • I just can't seem to shake it...Do you have an illness or constant re-occurring health problem? Have you tried other  silver solutions and products unsuccessfully??? If you're not following these little known dosage guidelines...Good Luck!


Our goal here at Helping America is to save as many people as possible from unnecessary pain, suffering and illnesses. Simply to provide vital information and products to help people lead healthier lives safely and naturally... as a direct result of this YOU can...

  • Save precious time and hard earned money...

  • Experience more happiness...

  • Enjoy life on a much deeper level...

  • And "feel" the difference...

I want the best anti-aging and immune system support products available - I want your best price - I want them guaranteed - I want them shipped ASAP and I want access to any and all free stuff.




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